SafariOne is a real-time, end-to-end, modular platform that supports the entirety of your mobile financial service business needs. SafariOne provides customized solutions for telecoms enabling their customers to participate in the mobile financial ecosystem.

From services for the unbanked and under-banked, to payments and process automation, consolidated billing for all services, and transaction clearance with third-parties, SafariOne solutions will increase revenue, reduce churn, and create a strong, profitable ecosystem of partners. Our added services will ensure a loyal base of customers from which you will continue to grow.

Mobile Financial Solutions

We provide financial services to telecom operators, banks and payment institutions enabling their unbanked and underbanked subscribers to join the digital economy. Our high-performance, end-to-end, mobile money services include a mobile wallet, bank transfers, cash withdrawals, deposits, and much much more.

Our management tools empowers you to quickly scale and create a robust financial ecosystem of distributors, dealers, agents, resellers and merchants enabling you to easily interconnect with banks, payment processors and more. In addition to being fully compliant with financial and security standards, each and every one of our services are backed by our experienced team of technical experts who arrive onsite to guide you through the onboarding process. Once you are fully onboarded, our team continues to provide 24/7 remote support to ensure unparalleled reliable performance.

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Clearing House Solution

Our clearing house solution enables subscribers to connect to the digital economy by clearing financial transactions with a variety of third-parties including global communications carriers, money transfer operators and financial service providers.

Our cross border services are provided through a secure mobile wallet for a variety of services such as mobile money transfers, airtime and bank transfers, standard remittances, and utility payments. We are proud to partner with Salaam African Bank, Zaad, EVCPlus, Sahal, FastPay, Tawakal, Hormuud, Telesom, Golis, eBirr, Ethiotel, and HomeSend(BICS).

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Converged Billing Solutions

Our converged charging and billing (CCB) and business support system (BSS) provides a rich suite of business support components to easily manage customers, subscribers, distributors, partners, products/services and billing. Through our real-time credit control you can provide pay-as-you-go services confidently as all subscribers, users and sessions are authenticated with SIP authentication for financial services, and with VoIP and GSM authentication for voice and data calls.

Our flexible, end-to-end solution is designed to serve the retail, corporate and wholesale markets with prepaid and postpaid subscription models. We offer a-la-carte services and can easily create a variety of product bundles combining financial, voice and data solutions. Through our services, your enterprise and individual customers can choose the products and billing plans they require while retaining subscribers by providing a seamless transition from one offering to another. Beyond all this, converged billing simplifies accounting and eases customer payment with a single invoice for all services.

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Payment Solutions

Our payment solutions are based on a service-oriented platform, allowing merchants to process payments from multiple sources through a secure and reliable channel. We offer a reliable, convenient and easy to use Android based POS solution that can process all types of payment cards through real-time authorization in a secure environment.

Our payment solutions feature:

  • PCI DSS compliance
  • Flexibility to accept mobile money, credit cards, store cards and more
  • EMV card support
  • Multiple host routing NFC and contactless payments
  • Compatibility with ISO-8583 standard
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Over the Top (OTT)

Enable your customers to take their mobile money even when they are away from home. An Over-the-Top (OTT) app provides continued access to the home network’s entire mobile money ecosystem from anywhere at anytime through any internet connection.

Our OTT app can be fully customized to your needs. Our range of services include:

  • Mobile financial services - From sending and receiving money to bill payment and currency exchange, providing continued access to the MFS services on your home network
  • Banking & remittance services - Our secure system allows you and your banking or remittances partners to provide the full suite of banking and remittances services to your customers
  • Call & chat feature - Users can make international and local calls as well use chat messenger services through their personal plan without additional roaming fees
  • Travel agent - Users can purchase airline tickets from leading carriers in the region
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